oxyhydrogen generator 105T


Hydrogen Oxygen Machine is a portable gas generator producing mixed oxygen and hydrogen gases cheaply from distilled water.The mixes gases can not only give an extremely hot flame with temperature up to 2800 °C from pen size torches, but one which is sufficiently clean to ensure that the work piece is not contaminated.No gas storage,safe and reliable.

Soldering and Brazing Artist work for gold and glass weldingWelding, cutting and drilling of very thin metals
Jewelry MakingPolishing acrylic or perspex

Model:Hydrogen Oxygen Machine-105T
Size: 48*28*36 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Max Power: 300 watts
Gas Output: 100 liters/hour
Flame Conditions: Mixed Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases;Blue Flame;2800 Degree Centigrade.